We are the group of
Our Team

Nortech has a team of technical personnel highly qualified in their respective fields of hydro and thermal power generation, distribution and metering to undertake the high value projects. The Board of Directors governing the company take full interest in the work and are very much involved in the activities of the company.

Our board of directors-

Amongst the directors are very experienced people, who are running their own, manufacturing companies successfully for the past 30 years.

The Company draws heavily on their vast experience in managing industry, finance, manpower, and movement of materials. The Company also has highly qualified technical directors with impeccable track record of over 100s of projects in the power sector.

There is plethora of experience within the company executing many turnkey projects and thereby movement of materials, manpower etc. in northeast India over 25 years. This calls for specialized skills, both managerial and otherwise, in respect of disturbances and other local problems.

The company is also well supported by young bold with management degrees from UK, who complement the experience with new enthusiasm and ideas.

Technical Expertise-

Our technical team consists of the very best in the industry. We have civil engineers, mechanical engineers from the front rank institutes, working with us. They all have wide experience in their respective fields of work and have been associated with the most prestigious projects of hydro and thermal power generation, distribution and metering like 120 MW Naphtha based power project, etc. Professional legal experts, who had worked at senior position with the various Govt. companies and NGOs, handle our legal matters.